How To Turn CSGO Skins Into Real Money Paypal – Scam Proof

I made this video before Opskins was created. This video shows how to turn csgo skins into real money without using Opskins. Honestly, it’s much easier by using Opskins.

Read the comments, some useful info there. Please make sure to watch the full video if you are going to be doing this because I have some valid pointers to make. There are also valid pointers below, so please read everything. Below is an example of what you would say in your trade, you may change things as you desire.

(take out everything in parenthesis, its to explain why you need to do these things)

Please note that with the recent trade delay, you have to wait a week before items that are purchased on the market can be traded. You will need to buy all the keys and wait a week before selling them. You can sell the skins right away at a 30-40% discount but the really expensive skins leave you prone to scamming because if one person buys it and somehow charges back, you’ll lose everything. With keys, you spread them out and if 1 in 20 people charge back, its not a very big deal.

(This is the example, you can copy and paste it)
Selling keys for $1.75 each (or you can say “selling skins for 40% discount of market price” and then link your inventory so people can see what you have)
Max of 5 keys per person (prevents you from being scammed out of everything if it does happen)
You can have any 5 keys that are in my inventory (post your trade link here so people can see what you have)
The payment must be sent through Paypal via gift, you will need to pay the small fee of sending a gift, if there is a fee. If you send the payment as not a gift but a transaction, I will refund it and block you. The gift payments prevent me from being scammed and charged back. If you don’t feel comfortable sending it all at once, you can pay for 1 key, I’ll send it to you, then you pay for the rest, and I’ll send you the rest. Do not add me on steam, post the link to your profile and I will add you.Please don’t waste my time, if you want the keys, make the discussion and payment quick so we can both get what we want and move on with our lives.
If I feel like you are trying to scam me or simply wasting my time, I will block you and move on. At $1.75 per key (or 40% discount for skins), there are plenty of people willing to buy them and I will not waste my time on annoying people.This works on the basis of first come, first serve.
The rules above are set in stone, there is no bargaining or changing them, they are fair. If you feel like these rules are not fair, don’t contact me.

That’s about it. If you don’t want to wait a week to trade, go on and trade your skins for skins that are worth $5-$20 and sell them at 40% discount. Its up to you. Be careful of people trying to scam, if you follow what I said in the above passage, you’ll be fine. Once again, don’t sell everything to one person.

In terms of legality, valve loses nothing, especially if you use their market to sell your skins. I don’t think that they really care if you sell your skins. And besides, is a gambling website that uses skins and no one cares.

If this helped or prevented you from being scammed and you want to send me something, my steam trade link is below. Otherwise I hope this helped and best of luck to you.

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