Are you searching for motivation to improve the quality of you life?<p>Mot…

Are you searching for motivation to improve the quality of you life?<p>Motivational Success Quotes is an android application motivating you to hard work and to be enthusiastic to achieve your goals, to move ahead in life, and make your goals and dreams come true.<p>Motivational Success Quotes has a database of the best collection of Famous Quotes for all occasions!<br>with 1000 success quotes for more than 180 authors, 1000 Success Quotes to help you get and stay motivated. Enjoy, and keep being awesome !<p>All we have to do is stay motivated and keep acting on our goals.<p>Motivational Success Quotes will give you an extra push to reach for your goal and achieve success and all the achievements life has to offer.<p>Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.<br>William James<p>You are free to browse all of them directly by authors or you can receive a quote of the day every day at the time you specify .<p> Also you can share any quote by different ways (sharing on Facebook,tweet on Twitter and sending to your friend by WhatsApp,email and SMS). <p><br>★ Features :<p>✓ Set quote as favorite and quickly browse through the favorites.<br>✓1000 of Amazing Famous Quotes in many categories from famous personalities and authors.<br>✓Send Quotes via Text message, Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and more.<br>✓Search by Keywords<br>✓Different settings.<br>✓Quote of the day at time you set.<br>✓Search author by name.<br>✓Support multi-devices.<br>✓NO internet connection required!<br>✓Easy swipe interface design<br>✓Beautiful – Easy to use and beautiful user interface.<br>✓Share – Upload and share your quotes instantly.<br>✓Database with 1000 quotes for success.<br>✓182 Authors with their pictures.<p><br>★ Tags:<p>Motivation, Motivational, Success, Inspirational, Quotes ,Life ,Goals ,Health, Happiness, Dreams, Business ,Relationships ,Self Help, Money<p>Thank You for Trying my App “Motivational Success Quotes”.

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