MBMMLLC.com: How to make money scrapping brass and copper with a hammer mill

My goal is to provide the small scale recycler/scrapper/scrap yard an affordable, effective, and versatile processing and sorting line for smaller volumes of scrap metal to increase the overall value.

I am very interested to hear your comments/suggestions on a small scale scrap metal processing line. Is this something that the small scale recycler would be interested in? Is there a market for equipment like this? Would this be a useful tool for the industry? Your comments or suggestions would be much appreciated

I wanted to make a video showing the feasibility of processing contaminated/dirty brass through a hammer mill and separating by hand. This was a rough 1st pass study to find out if there was enough added value to make it worth while. The results were encouraging and I think there could be a real market here for upgrading/processing dirty brass if there is enough available volume.

The processing through the hammer mill took about ~15-20 minutes (10 lbs/minute average) and the real time sink for this test was the hand sorting. It would have helped if I had a sorting table, the proper tools, and a grinder to help determine the difference between the different metals. I think the hand sorting time could be cut down quite a bit with the right set up.

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